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Membership Certificates

A new Membership Certificate is now available. Thanks to 11SD001 Tito for his efforts and for the design. Soon these will be available to all NEW and OLD members. Stay tuned for further info.


New Coordinator of El Salvador

SD Puerto Rico Bureau & Coordinator of Puerto Rico Tito 11SD001 informs SD HQ that we have a newly appointed co-ordinator of the Central American division of El Salvador. 53SD214 Geovanni will run the division as El Salvador Coordinator and his unit number will change...


2017 Directories been received in some divisions

There are reports that the 2017 Directory has been received in some parts of Europe already, please be patient and report here once you have received yours. SD HQ hopes the year has begun well for our beloved members, even if the propagation hasn’t been...


Christmas Message from Sugar Delta International

Another year nearly over and another is near and Christmas is on our doorstep. Now is a great time to spend with great family and friends (radio friends). So from all of us here at SD HQ we would like to pass on all the...


Recent Downtime

The SD HQ would like to apologise for the recent downtime. Thanks for your patience and Merry Christmas.


RIP [14SD145 Yannick] ex 14SD027

It is with great sadness French HQ & SD HQ informs the group that 14SD145 Mr. Yannick ex 14SD027 has passed away. Our sincere condolences to family and friends from all of us at Sugar Delta.


We all thought it was all over, until now!

There is a sunspot around the bend. For the past few days the sun has been blank and we thought it was all over until now. A sunspot is emerging over the sun’s northeastern limb. A solar flare could be in the offering from this...


36SD/0 San Marino Log Online

SD Italy HQ inform WAM the 36SD/0 log online now! 1 1 SD 168 Marino 12,11,2016     USB 5 / 9 2 14 AT 048          USB 5 / 5 3 14 RC 581         USB 5 /...