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Italy Provinces SES

With great pleasure that I inform you that you will be prolonged until 31/12/2016 the following activation’s: 1SD/FE Ferrara Province From: 24/01/2016 To: 31/08/2016 Activated by 1SD051 Gabri 1SD119 Vittorio 1SD310 Andrea QSL Manager: 1SD310 Andrea Info: 1SD/FR Frosinone Province From: 16/07/2016 To: 31/12/2016...


Italian Provinces SES Update

 Hi all, I inform you that you extend the Tour of Italian Provinces by SD Italy  1SD/RM Roma Provinces by 1SD001 Marco (Start: 01/09/2016) QSL Manager: Giovanni 1SD135 Info: Ciao a tutti 1SD / FR By Giovanni 1SD135 Avviare 16 luglio QSL Via Giovanni...