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  French SD members will be active 14SD / 000 For this activation it’s possible to participate to a classement by contacting the maximum of operators during these weeks of activation with a little present to first three. At the end of the last week...



Mr Chris 14SD221 on air. Jeudi 26/10/2017 Mont Fourcat 2000m JNØ2UU – Ariège Departement 09 Call: 14SD/PE115 Actif 11m et PMR – FT857D – 5/8 vertical – Lifepo4 20ah – UV5R Good luck  ….. Cancellation possible if the weather is bad. See all informations on new...


14SD041 – RIP

Bad news …. Our friend Robert passed away (21/09/2017). He was a member of Sugar Delta since 1998. RIP dear friend.    


212 SD/DX

Start date: 06.10.2017 End date: 08.10.2017 By 56SD110 Mika (no prog only “In Log”) Manager Mike Po Box 7 65301 Vaasa FINLAND Normal contribution (please send ESA) Good luck ….


Renewals 2018

Hello SD Members, Now it’s time for renewals. Go to Renewals The work of the Directory Team will be simpler ….. 73″s



Lighthouse “De L’Espiguette” – 30 Gard By Ms Valerie & Mr Michel 17/08/2017 to 31/08/2017 (Time by time) QSL via Ms Valérie Valy 124 Chemin d’Anduzette 30350 Ledignan France



For only 11 days next September will be the special activation: 30SD/CND (Catalonia National Day). Start date: 01.09.2017 End date: 11.09.2017 We will be three operators in the air, at different times during those days: 30SD020 Vicente, 30SD032 Ángel and 30SD215 Francisco. No contribution will...