Group History

The International Sugar Delta Group, formed in Capriate/Italy nearly 15 years ago by Original Sugar Delta members who had heart and wanted a better group for all.

The founder Members present at the meeting:

  • 1SD002 Sandro
  • 13SD001 Martin
  • 13SD002 Dieter
  • 13SD019 Joachim
  • 14SD001 Fred
  • 14SD002 Steve
  • 14SD019 Yves
  • 14SD034 Gilbert
  • 15SD012 Jose
  • 21SD110 Magnus
  • 26SD001 Steve
  • 163SD001 Richard

Sugar Delta International


ad: group has grown from strength to strength to what it is today.

The group is not run by one person, we are a democratic run group with a HQ made up of members from all sides of the globe:

The Super Committee are made up from:

  • 1SD001 Marco
  • 3SD001 Nilson
  • 11SD001 Tito
  • 14SD007 Pierrot
  • 16SD001 Xavier
  • 26SD005 Andy
  • 26SD117 Geoff
  • 43SD001 Frank
  • 50SD001 Alex
  • 161SD002 Tom
  • 163SD003 Ian


We also have a HQ Forum from where ALL Coordinators and HQ Officials can vote on matters that concern the group, we are also open and transparent with ALL finances for all the members to see.

We love what we do and enjoy the hobby, in fact we are one Big Family. We hold World Meetings in different parts of Europe and hopefully in the future outside of Europe, to give all our members the opportunity to meet old and new Radio Friends from around the World, we have held World Meetings in: Wales, Italy, Spain, Malta, France, Holland, Belgium, Portugal and looking for new Countries to host even more in the future, now in most cases we don’t just have a weekend meeting we make it a holiday among great friends.

We have Quality Official Printers that make the best possible materials available, We started with Quality QSL Cards and now everyone seems to follow in what we started with similar quality, we try to improve all the time, we have quality active radio operators from all corners of the globe, we believe in Quality not Quantity.

As you can see we have what we feel is the best 11mtr Group Website on the Planet, you don’t have to be a Sugar Delta member to register either, if you want to be a Sugar Delta Member you can be a member of as many other groups as you wish, we don’t discriminate.

We have many Competitions, Europe, World, IOTA, Divisional, Women’s Day, and many Splendid SES Activation’s of Interest, Special Sports, Lighthouses on the Air, Regional and a whole lot more to keep you active of course when conditions are good.

We have greats teams within the group who care about our big family and want to improve as we go along, we make mistakes as do many other groups, but we listen to members and learn from our mistakes.

Come and Join one of the Biggest families on the 11mtr Band.

73 All Sugar Delta International