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210SD101 Jean (IMPORTANT to read)

Other DX Info.IMPORTANT the stations which took contacted 210SD101 Jean and desiring the confirmation thank you NOTHING send NEW this station has not confirmed if he wished to be a member of the SD group,the last I heard John is on holiday on Corsica, I'll redo it a e-mail are a return on Wallis in September, so for the moment I put aside the few requests received I would answer 100% or I would send you your QSL
Finally (conclusion), for the moment 210SD101 Jean is NOT A MEMBER of Sugar-Delta DX Group but INDEPENDENT station.
Alain 14SD110
SD Team Manager and other in the group.

IMPORTANT, les stations ayant contacté 210SD101 Jean et désirant la confirmation merci de ne RIEN envoyer cette NEW station n'a toujours pas confirmée si il voulait être membre du groupe SD, aux dernières nouvelles Jean est en vacances sur Corse, je vais lui refaire un e-mail a sont retour sur Wallis en Septembre, donc pour le moment je met de coté les quelques demandes reçues soit je répondrais a 100% soit je vous renverrais vos QSL
Conclusion, pour le moment 210SD101 Jean n'est PAS MEMBRE du Sugar-Delta DX Groupe mais une station INDÉPENDANTE.
Alain 14SD110
SD Team Manager et autre dans le groupe.

14SD/TDF 2014


14 SD/TDF 2014 on air

05 Jul to 27 Jul. 2014

"More Infos"

Luis is not on the air with the letter "U"

Mr Jean Claude 14SD014 / U is now active

Download Log updated


New Qsl ...

New QSLWith great pleasure we would like to inform that we have a new Qsl flag Portugal.

Approved by Portugal HQ
We are already in printing procedure, and soon in circulation!!


SD Activations DXWe would like to share with you a new message activation of the SD PL. In the near future will work station 344SD/DX
Station 344 SD / DX with the consent of HQ will lead 161SD019 Zibi & 117 Sylvester. All information, including log, design card, receipt and dispatch of cards updated on
If You Give This Message in the other groups, etc. Thank you very much. If anyone of you have wanted to support the activation of any form are welcome.
Thank you for your support Chris 161SD014 skyper antenna and mast.

Because not everyone has facebook if you have questions please contact me at my email activation or private.
Welcome to the QSO SD 344 DX - RADIO & HOLIDAY DX EXPEDITION TO MONTENEGRO 30.07 - 08.08.2014 Op. Zibi - 161 SD 019
Normal contribution SAE + $ 2 (paypal = email QSO info - no need to send the card) QSL via 161 SD 117 SYL
Official mail:

Best regards
161 SD 019 & 161 SD 117 (team on 344 SD/DX)


SD SESSES for the Grand depart 2014 ( Tour de France) Stage1 Yorkshire

Date - 5 July - 27 July 2014
Log - Prog Number
Activated by - 26SD150 Craig
QSLM - 26SD150 Craig
Voluntary contribution

New Qsl Region Veneto - Italy

New QSLNew Qsl "Veneto Region" - Italy

Approved by Italian HQ,
already in process of printing, and soon in circulation !!

3SD/WC2014 World Cup 2014 in Brazil

SD SES3SD/WC2014 (SES of World Cup 2014) by Team SD Brazil
active until September 2014 (time to time)

Qsl Manager 3SD107 Carlos
Carlos P.O.Box : 526
13660-970 Porto Ferreira SP Brazil

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