Entry Level SD Membership

New to 11mtr and want to join the Sugar Delta Group?

If you like all you see in our Sugar Delta Group however do not have the full qualifications to join?

Well you can now join us with  a 9000 Call Sign  Example 163 SD 9000 / 9001 /9002 etc  and can become a member with only 25 divisions confirmed by QSL if the Division HQ Accepts.

You will have full access to all that the Sugar Delta Group offers but without the full SD Call.

Once you have achieved the required 100 divisions  or when your division coordinator feels your radio procedure and etiquette is what we expect from a Sugar Delta Member you will then become a full  SD Member using an SD Call with a 3 digit unit number agreed by your National HQ.


Entry Level  Sugar Delta Membership

Bronze Membership: €15 euro

Includes call sign and access to the Sugar Delta Web Site  & Forums.



Silver Membership: €20 euro

Includes: Call Sign, Access to Web Site & Forums & 25  World QSL  Cards & Paper Directory.



Gold Membership: €25 euro

Includes: Call sign, Access to web site & forums, Paper directory, 50  World QSL cards & World Prefix Wall Map & SD Sugar Delta Email address.




To become a member all we need is your current call sign, full name, home address, email &  contact telephone number.

Send all the information to info@sugar-delta.it  once received you will receive a message from whom ever looks after the division you belong to.


You will also need to Transmit within your countries laws and regulations, the calling Frequency for Sugar Delta is 27.275.



Full SD Membership:

If you qualify with 100+ Confirmed QSL Cards you can join with a unit number above 100


Download Phonetic Alphabet chart here:


Download your Country Prefix chart here: