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News members this month (June) 30SD230        Alberto José   14SD256 Benoit   14SD275  David   26SD129  Paul    1SD039  Alfredo   1SD100  Adriano   56SD114  Pete   4SD220  Alberto



  30SD/Andalucia Región Operators 30SD002/AR  by Miguel   30SD002 30SD022/AR   by Jose Manuel  30SD022 30SD051/AR   by Vicente 30SD051 30SD170/AR   by Francisco   30SD170 30SD502/AR   by Manuel    30SD502 30SD923/AR   by Tomas    30SD923   You are contacting 3 Operators = One Award...



  Good luck guys!!!!   73’s 1SD001 Marco



Holyday Station Voluntary Contribution. Start Date: 01/06/2017 End Date: 25/06/2017


SD World Contest 2016 results

Hello to all, here is the final results SD World Contest. Thanks to all for participations! SUGAR DELTA SINGLE OPERATOR: 1. 26SD117 GEOFF – 310 qso * 56 divisions = 17360 points 2. 34SD666 JULIO – 125 qso * 29 divisions = 3625 points 3....


European Contest 2017

Contest open to all groups. First Weekend Start: 13th May 2017 @ 12.00 GMT First Weekend End: 14th May 2017 @ 12.00 GMT Second Weekend Start: 20st May 2017 @ 12.00 GMT Second Weekend End: 21st May 2017 @ 12.00 GMT Good luck …….  ...


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A new Membership Certificate is now available. Thanks to 11SD001 Tito for his efforts and for the design. Soon these will be available to all NEW and OLD members. Stay tuned for further info.