Renewal Rules

  • Deadline for members to send renewal to their HQ: 30th September 2017
  • Deadline for the local HQ’s to send renewals to International Treasurer: 15th October 2017
  • Deadline for the International Treasurer to give the renewal list to the Directory Team: 20th October 2017
  • Deadline to insert articles from members: 15th October 2017
  • Deadline to insert new members: 15th October 2016 (Deadline for HQ’s to send renewals)
  • Deadline to insert changes: 20th October 2017
  • All renewals after 20th October 2017 will be added in the E-Directory

We remind you that the deadline for renewal is 30th September 2017, after this date your call sign will NOT be in the 2018 directory.

Send your renewal 10€ or 15$ BEFORE 30th September 2017
To 14SD007 Pierrot – World Treasurer

(For divisions that have SD HQ ask your Coordinator)

Renewal via Paypal

Go to Paypal

Directory Postage

You the Divisional HQ & Member are responsible for giving the correct delivery details for your directory, any returned directories will incur an additional postage fee to re-send again if proven the address to be invalid.


Directory Team.