The 299SD/DX Desecheo Island

299SD/DX Tito & Carlos


Voted one of the top 3 Best Activation’s from Cycle 24 and both will awarded a Special recognition Oscar Award for this great activation.

231SD/0, 234SD/0  & 299SD/DX Could not separate them, 3 great professional Activation’s


299SD/DX Desecheo Island By 11 SD 001 Tito & 11SD 135 Carlos

14TH, 15TH & 16TH November 2012



This activation by Tito & Carlos was not for the faint hear-ted and was risky for both of them, the Island being a Military base of the USA was out of bounds if they had of been caught it would have meant a prison sentence.

They took great risk in getting there too and nearly drowned in doing so.

Carlos took Ill and still continued and should not have done so hats off to you Carlos for carrying on.

They made some great noise and made many people happy with around 1500 progressives in 3 days this was a great achievement  and very well activated congratulations guys.

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