WAM Rules

Team: 1 SD 001 Marco, 14 SD 110 Alain, – 26SD117 Geoff-43SD028,


1.0 – Permission: for all activation’s: Ø – DX – IOTA – LOTA – MOTA – SOTA – Most Wanted country PORTABLE activity you must request permission to World Activation Manager Team,

The activation can be considered for the record only after the release of permission and of the call-sign write to:



Remember, without ANY authorization it will not be valid and deemed as FAKE!


2.0 – Proofs: If within thirty (30) days we don’t receive any proofs , the activation will be considered not valid.

The activator or his Qsl manger has to provide to us:

– logbook ;

– photos and videos ;

– air- ferryboat -train / ticket ;

– GPS tracking ;

– receipts ;

– direct mail ( where is it possible ) to world_activation_manager@sugar-delta.it


3.0 – Internet:

Log on line is allowed only on SD websites


It is forbidden use any forum or cluster to confirm qso, the main forums and clusters will be monitored

The WAM recommend, before and during activation’s, greatest caution in publishing in the net on photos, video or other material that may cause danger to the safety of the operators In case of non-compliance to the rules indicated above, the WAM has the power to invalidate the activation.


4.0 – Suffixes: XXXSD/Ø : First activation ( new one ). Such a suffix can be awarded once. (only if a minimum of 1000 contacts are not achieved it can be used again). And can also be re-activated if a RARE (DECIDED BY THE WAM TEAM) division has been inactive by an SD Member after 5 years, this ONLY Applies if the division concerned has NOT activated a DX Activation.

XXXSD/DX : Such a suffix can be used not more than three times , then it can be portable. (If a minimum of 1000 contacts are not achieved it can be used again). It can also be activated again if the division has not had an active SD Member for more than 3 years.

IOTA – LOTA – MOTA : The references will be assigned according to the RSGB list and where possible according to the National Radio Associations.

To request an activatoin please download the following form and return to WAM for approval.

The Wam Team