1: How do I join Sugar Delta?


Step one register on this web site with your 11mtr or HF Call sign ONLY.

When you’re registered you will then be able to send an email to info@sugar-delta.it.

And will find the contact info Under the Membership tab “Join SD” in the Email you must write your 11mtr of HF Call SIGN, YOUR Email address, your current call sign, amount of divisions confirmed by qsl card and a possible unit number you would prefer over the unit 100.,.

The team will then forward your request to the relevant division you want to be a member in.


To become an SD Member you will need to have worked and have confirmed at least 100 divisions by QSL Card, however some divisional HQ may accept less depending on circumstances.

The Divisional HQ will then contact you direct.


2: Am i automatically a member with the sugar delta group if i log in and become a member of this website with a SD call sign


No this site does not make you a automatic SD group member, You are only registered as a website member.

You need to join separately and pay a membership fee with the relevant divisional HQ  you live in, or via the SD HQ if there is no divisional HQ.

Follow the steps in question 1 if you would like to join the group officially.



3: Who can join the Sugar Delta Website?


Anyone can join the SD website to gain information and access our News and Forums


But we ask that you use your radio call sign for easy identification, we also understand people visit here that are new to the hobby and might not have a call sign.


  1. What Frequencies do I have to use to become an SD Member?


We recommend you use the Legal frequencies set out by your home country, we will not be responsible for anyone transmitting out of Legal Bands.


  1. 5. Can I post any information about my group or other groups on this web pge other than Sugar Delta?


No only information regarding Sugar Delta can be posted on this web site.


If the Question is not listed here, just send your request to: info@sugar-delta.it and we will respond as quickly as we can.